Just as craft beer is regarded as superior to mass-produced beer, so it is with craft cannabis. Our cannabis plants receive more attention and care from our master growers than is possible at larger mass-production facilities.  We value quality over quantity and the result is superior cannabis in smell, flavor and effect.

Our growing practices take care to make sure we are not causing environmental damage in the process. We do not use harmful chemical nutrients or pesticides. Everything we use is safe to consume and safe for the environment. We are dedicated to being good stewards of the environment.

We currently grow our cannabis for sale to recreational stores in Colorado Only. We do not grow for medical sales in Colorado or for dispensaries and stores outside of Colorado. Recreational stores can contact us about our inventory availability by phone (numbers below) or via the contact form.



The Grow Off

Nine Yards Cultivators is  participating in a recreational cannabis growing competition along with about 37 other commercial growers. Every grower was given two clones, so we all are growing the same identical strain. No one knows what strain it is. We apply our growing skills  to see who grows the best cannabis!


Judging categories will include Potency, Flavor and Yield. Winning growers will win cash prizes (and of course, bragging rights). Checkout The Grow Off!

We are dropping off premium, tasty, fully-cured buds to recreational stores every week. Check out these stores and look for our stickers on the jars. Click on a name to the right to visit their website and get info on locations, menus, etc.

Growing the finest craft cannabis!